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Locally owned and operated, Chemwash was the first company in New Zealand to utilise the combination of formulated detergents and a low pressure, unique fan washing procedure to rinse away dirt, grime and build-up. Our low-pressure system is specialised for washing and cleaning of all exterior surfaces. We effectively clean houses, commercial buildings, shop fronts, concrete, paths, guttering, roofs, fences, wooden decking, outdoor structures and more.

We live in a remarkable environment that thrives in the growth of microscopic organisms. Having the exterior of your property Chemwashed removes those unsightly growths, and inhibits them from re-establishing. While extending the life of the surfaces, we also prevent them from becoming compromised, by coating and eliminating the spores which can impact your health.


** Updated operations during COVID-19 Level 1 Alert Period **

We are available for all exterior property cleaning and sanitising.
Our Chemwash Cleaning System provides specialised sanitisation which is effective at cleaning and disinfecting all exterior surfaces, helping to get rid of algae, spores and viruses including COVID-19. We ensure zero face to face contact throughout the entire process to protect those most vulnerable in our community.
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Chemwash is owned by locals, we employ locals and now is the time to support local businesses.
Stay safe and be kind.


We use a low-pressure system for residential and commercial exterior cleaning.

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About Us

We are experts in washing and maintaining your property, whether it’s your home sweet home or large commercial building.

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Chemwash did an excellent job! The gutters are shining white and the whole area looks brilliant. Thank you for such a well-trained and pleasant person on the job. He was careful with the pressure and I didn’t need to run around the house with towels.