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We can clean basically anything outdoors!  As well as house washing and exterior commercial cleaning, we also clean decking, concrete, asphalt, cobblestones, bricks & paving stones. We can also treat your roof for lichen, moss and mould, or even clear out your gutters to prevent blockages.  Wooden decks come up brilliantly back from the dull grey or if they are green and slimy. Window cleaning is another one of our services, where we use our pure water machine to clean windows streak free.

House Washing

Chemwash can safely clean all types of houses. We use environmentally responsible detergents to gently emulsify surface pollutants and kill moss, mould & mildew which is rinsed off with water using our low pressure units.

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Same Day Roof Cleaning

A Chemwash Spray Treatment is applied to your roof killing the algae, lichen and mould followed by a clean off of debris. Why would you spray and walk away, when you can have your roof clean today.

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Paths & Driveways

Our low-pressure cleaning process gently removes ugly build-up from concrete surfaces without damaging the surface.

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Wood Decking

With our powerful, yet gentle deck cleaning detergent, we can restore even the greyest deck to near original colour.

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Yard & Garden

The Chemwash process allows your yard and garden features to shine, without the risk of damage to speciality surfaces. We clean all exterior surfaces including retaining walls, archways, pergolas, stonework, slate & tile patios, soft stone surfaces, Butynol decks, cedar, natural wood and more.

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Window Cleaning

Clean your exterior windows as a part of your house wash tidy up. We safely and professionally clean your windows, which enhance the effect of a freshly washed house. Well-cleaned windows allow the most amount of light to come through into your house, brightening both the interior and exterior of your home, and assisting with passive heating. We even use a pure water machine which is double filtered to ensure windows are cleaned streak free and your plants underneath any windows enjoy the pure water.

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Gutter Cleaning

Chemwash excels in gutter cleaning to maintain free-flowing gutters, crucial for properties using tank supply to preserve the freshness and cleanliness of water.

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Pre-Paint Washing

Prior to painting your building, a Chemwash Pre-Paint clean will kill the algae and black mould from the surface to be painted. This extends the paint life dramatically.

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Exterior Sanitisation

Our exterior sanitisation products are effective at cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, helping to get rid of viruses including COVID-19. Our methods and detergents are thorough and effective for your peace of mind, creating a safer environment for both staff and customers.

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Commercial Services

At Chemwash we pride ourselves on our expert commercial property cleaning service. We promise competitive quotes for schools, retirement villages, motels, apartment blocks or factories.

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Chemwash did an excellent job! The gutters are shining white and the whole area looks brilliant. Thank you for such a well-trained and pleasant person on the job. He was careful with the pressure and I didn’t need to run around the house with towels.